The Internet Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson’s Sacking From The BBC

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The Internet Reacts To Jeremy Clarksons Sacking From The BBC clarksonWebsite Thumb 640x400

As Jeremy Clarkson is sacked from the BBC and James May announces himself as a ‘former host’ the internet goes into complete madness

Here are some of the best reactions to the absolute shitstorm that still isn’t over yet…

Richard Hammond is gutted about Clarkson’s departure and hints to the end of Top Gear

Frankie Boyle gives his opinion on what will happen next

Gary Linker’s in on it

Obviously Piers Morgan’s had something to say

People are cracking jokes already

May and Hammond hint towards quitting Top Gear

#JeSuisClarkson is trending

The Jimmy Saville controversy is being brought up

Louise Mensch and Terry Christian wade in on it

Many are left gutted

“I want a TV licence refund”

The requests for Top Gear to move to ITV have begun

And on that bombshell, here’s some classic Clarkson moments…