The Internet Reacts To The London Protests

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The Internet Reacts To The London Protests TN135

There have been protests in London this weekend that erupted into violence and rioting, and there doesn’t seem to be any coverage of it on the news and mainstream media. But you know what the internet is like. Nothing goes unnoticed.

Sky News has a small article on it, right at the bottom of their home page. BBC News has had nothing on their home page. The Daily Mail haven’t acknowledged it either. Instead, they focused more on the vandalised war memorial and not the protest itself. It hasn’t been on the TV, either. It’s funny how the media pick and choose these things.

Plenty of people have taken to Twitter to post about the protest. And of course, #londonprotest has been a very busy hashtag.

Some people are supporting the protests. Some people are taking the micky out of demonstrators. Some are angry at the media. Some people don’t understand quite how voting works.

Rapper Mic Righteous tweeted about it, too.

Katie Hopkins obviously had to open her putrid gob on it. This time she gunned for Charlotte Church, who was seen protesting at a demonstration in Cardiff.

There is more on the way, too. Apparently, a big protest is planned for June 20th, giving the media plenty of time to plan how they’ll report it and which angle to take, so perhaps we will see more of that demonstration.

Social media and citizen journalism is arguably how the majority of people discover their news these days. Think about it. If the Queen died today, would the first time you heard about it be in the newspaper tomorrow?

There is a lot to be said about the media coverage of these sorts of things. Are they ignoring it because they have been told to from the top? Because Rupert Murdoch is a bit pally with the Westminster lot? Or is it because they don’t see it as important, and hope that if they ignore it, then the problem will go away? Perhaps they don’t want to be seen as taking sides (even though, by NOT reporting it, that is kind of what they are doing). I don’t know exactly.

I’m just grateful for citizen journalism.

And Hipster Cop. I’m also grateful for him…