‘The Interview’ Release Is Being Completely Withdrawn By Sony

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The Interview Release Is Being Completely Withdrawn By Sony  sony web thumb

The Interview is being completely withdrawn by Sony, which means you’re not going to see it any time soon.

We’ve already told you that Seth Rogen and James Franco have had to cancel all press events for The Interview but now Sony have decided to not release the film at all.

The threats that Sony received from a hacking group that has been leaking a lot of Sony property on the internet made threats of violence to anyone who goes to watch it. You can read the message here.

The Interview Release Is Being Completely Withdrawn By Sony  interview 2

However because the US government have deemed the threats real and credible Sony have pulled the film completely and will not release it in the US or in the UK.

A statement made by the The Cinema Exhibitor’s Association confirmed the sad news: “Colleagues at Sony Pictures have confirmed today that they have no plans to release the film The Interview in the UK or Ireland.”

People have been speculating that North Korea (NK) have been involved in the cyber attacks since the beginning as the communist state told the US that releasing the film would be regarded as an act of war. However NK have denied such allegations.

A lot of people, including celebrities, are disappointed that Sony bowed down to the hackers’ demands and are expressing their concerns on what this will do to freedom of speech.