The Jump Street-Men In Black Crossover Is Actually Happening

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Screen Shot 2015 05 01 at 16.25.31 The Jump Street Men In Black Crossover Is Actually Happening

Sony Pictures has confirmed that the much discussed Jump Street slash Men In Black crossover film is actually happening!


The news comes after another bit of information was released this week detailing a female-led version of the Jump Street film franchise, which will be written Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs.


And it’s no surprise that they’re also planning to take the film into another universe, now, as the first two films were basically shots fired at Hollywood. If you never caught on to that, 21 Jump Street took aim at film reboots, while 22 Jump Street took the absolute piss out of sequels.

jumpstreet The Jump Street Men In Black Crossover Is Actually HappeningIGN

You can probably expect much of the same from the Men In Black transition, and while Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum WILL return, it’s still unknown as to whether Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones will join forces with them.

But we really, really hope they do.