The Most Popular Sexual Fantasies Would-Be Cheats Look For Online

By : Jamie Roberts |



The Ashley Madison hack not only unmasked the 37 million cheating bastards that frequent the site, but also their deepest sexual fantasies.

Each member of the site lists their sexual preferences on a menu on their profile. Hackers from Impact Squad have now published this list in full as they say the users of the site are a bunch of ‘cheating dirtbags’.

UNILAD Like Looing For7Left - What they like. Right - What they're looking for

Users of the site use a 60-strong list of detailed preferences to advertise what they like in the bedroom, and what they’re looking for in an extra-curricular sex partner.

Stamina (number 45, in case you were wondering) is popular, as is blindfolding. Other items include erotic moves (34), erotic tickling (35), light, kinky fun (40) and experimenting with tantric sex (21) – although this is probably best suited for those with a lot of ‘45’.


There’s also numbers to cover all sorts of other interests and desires, including bondage, fetishes, spanking, role play, and even aggressiveness, if you are that way inclined.

And if you’re not feeling very adventurous, then you can just go for a number 7 (conventional sex).

A second section lets users describe what they are after in a cheat, including a Don Juan (1), Boy Next Door (47), and a Bad Boy (36). Unresolved daddy issues? Don’t worry, they’ve got you, just go for a 51 (father figure).

UNILAD Ashley madison 8Ashley Madison

So there you go, if you’re married but want to meet a ‘36’ to get involved in some serious ‘40’ with, get yourself on Ashley Madison.


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