The New Car Bugatti Created For Gran Turismo 6 Is Achingly Beautiful

By : Mark Foster |


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If you can’t own a Bugatti in real life, you can always own eight of them in the virtual world. Thankfully, the scorching Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo has been created specifically for the popular racer.

Gran Turismo has a long history of bringing stunning custom made cars to games consoles since the original Playstation. Now, they’ve decided to bring a touch of racing royalty along for the ride which can be downloaded into Gran Turismo 6. Unfortunately, there’s no word on exactly when it will arrive.

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The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is an absolute beast of a car. Clearly resembling the iconic Bugatti Veyron, the company say that the Vision will be a taste of what they have planned for the future. This could mean the Vision is going to be a decent representation of the Bugatti Chiron, due to be unveiled next year. Images of the Chiron are already circulating online, though Bugatti are remaining tight-lipped. The Chiron will set you back in excess of $2 million, with 14oo horsepower and a top speed of over 300 mph. Power.

Although the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is only going to be available through the game, they did build a real one – and it will be appearing at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 14 September.

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Gran Turismo has been falling behind in recent years after a poor showing with Gran Turismo 5, constant setbacks for Gran Turismo 6 and the likes of Forza taking over as the top racing simulator on consoles. But adding this kind of horsepower can’t hurt its chances of reclaiming the title.


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