The ‘Paracetamol Challenge’ Is Apparently The Latest Craze… Don’t Do It!

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The Paracetamol Challenge Is Apparently The Latest Craze... Dont Do It! 1138

There always seems to be ridiculous social media crazes around. Neck nominations are thankfully a thing of the past, and blowing your lips up like a 17 year old girl doesn’t seem to be the in thing this week… But the ‘Paracetamol Challenge’ is. *Sighs*

Police and teachers have had to issue warnings in schools, because apparently, kids are daring each other to take as many paracetamol tablets as possible, and are actually going through with it.

A teenager was unsurprisingly hospitalised in East Ayrshire, Scotland, which is supposedly where the craze began.

It can cause liver and kidney failure, and ultimately, death. It’s overdosing, and it’s a stupid idea.

Don’t become a headline or statistic!


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