The ‘Peter Pan’ Of South Korea Is Actually 26-Years-Old

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This is Hyomyung Shin and he has been dubbed the ‘Peter Pan’ of South Korea thanks to a rare condition that makes him look younger than he actually is. Apparently.


The 26-year-old has all the makings of a young boy. Chubby cheeks, a high pitched voice and has yet to hit puberty – so when people point out that’s he’s actually over half way to 50, you’d assume they were telling porkies.

But Shin was genuinely born in the 80s. Well, 1989 to be exact.

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He shot to fame recently, after appearing on a South Korean TV show in which they followed him around during his day-to-day life.


During the show he underwent a makeover in order to make him look older – but they didn’t succeed.


So what is wrong (or right?) with Hyomyung? Well, according to a Korean pop culture website, he suffers from a rare condition called “Highlander Syndrome” which causes those with it to age very slowly. However, the disease is not thought to be recognised by the medical world.

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Shin says despite having a rare condition, he is perfectly healthy, and the only setbacks are not being able to enter puberty like all of his peers have.

But, at least he has his youth! Although, I assume he’d have preferred to have stopped aging at 18, rather than 12!


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