The Rock Says We’d Better Get Ready For Shazam, It’s Coming Sooner Than Expected

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The Rock Says Wed Better Get Ready For Shazam, Its Coming Sooner Than Expected shazam

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one seriously busy dude, but according to him, that has not stopped him from being part of the highly anticipated film, Shazam, which is actually set to be released sooner than expected.

Most people thought that a 2019 release date would be about right, but according to the actor and all round good guy, while they are taking their time and making sure they get it right, it’s ‘not that far away’, and certainly won’t be as far away as 2019.

Speaking at the San Andreas premier, he also called Shazam a ‘franchise’, so we think that DC are planning on a fair few films, and hopefully one focusing on The Rock’s character, Black Adam, all by himself.