The Rock Sideswipes Parked Car, Does A U-Turn And Makes Everything Right

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The Rock Sideswipes Parked Car, Does A U Turn And Makes Everything Right 171

It seems like The Rock can do no wrong.

If he isn’t helping a girl pull a plane, he’s breaking the world selfie record or setting up and officiating a surprise wedding for his superfan friend.

This week, he posted an image to his Instagram posing with an older guy next to a truck that had clearly been hit by a sh*tty driver. Well, that sh*tty driver was Dwayne Johnson himself. He’d gone back to make the owner aware, and made friends with him in the process…

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This is what he wrote, alongside the Instagram photo:

Here’s a fun story to start your week off… I’m driving to set in my pick up truck – music blasting – I’m singing away like I’m having a one man party in my truck – then I hear a loud BANG. What the hell..? Look in my rear view and see I sideswiped another pick up that was parked in the street and destroyed the side mirror. First thing I thought was, “Aw shit.. someone’s not gonna be happy..”. I flipped a U-turn and drove back to scene. Just as I got out of my truck a guy was walking across the street to his truck. I said “Sir, is this your truck?”. He stopped and stared at me for a good 5 seconds, looked around his neighborhood, looked back at me and “Yes it is. Why?”. I said “Well, sorry to tell ya I sideswiped it and knocked the hell outta your mirror and may have done even more damage. You give me your info and I’ll leave you mine and I’ll take care of everything”. He stared at me again, cocked his head sideways and said..”Uhhh.. Are you The Rock?”. I said “Yup”. He broke out into a huge smile and said “Wow, this is gonna be an awesome story!”. I started belly laughing at that, then he started laughing and before you know it we’re both standing in the middle of the street pointing to his mirror and laughing like two ol’ crazy buddies. I checked back in with him a few days later and he refused to accept any money and said he fixed the damage himself. Want to thank Mr. Audie Bridges of Wakefield, Mass. for being so cool about the whole thing. Life is funny cause you never know who you’re gonna run into… and sure as hell never know who’s truck you’re gonna sideswipe while driving to work.

Hats off, Dwayne. You’ve done it again!


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