The Rock Wants To Star In Movie Based On 1980s Arcade Game ‘Rampage’

By : Alex Watt |


rock rampage WEB

After saving the world from natural disasters in San Andreas, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson next hopes to star in a movie adaptation of a game about a giant werewolf, a giant gorilla, and a giant lizard tearing up a city.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson is linked to ‘Rampage’ – a project which will bring the 1980’s arcade classic to the big screen.

Given that ‘The Great One’ has already saved the world from numerous threats in his various roles as an action movie don, he seems likely to be the movie’s main star.

Although we would love to see The Rock as a giant Godzilla-like creature smashing up buildings.

Word is, the movie is set to begin production next summer once a director is on board, with a potential release date of 2017. Let’s just hope it’s better than the dreadful ‘Doom’…


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