The UK’s First Ban On ‘Legal Highs’ Kicks In Today

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The UKs First Ban On Legal Highs Kicks In Today legal highs stock

Lincoln has become the first UK city to slap a ban on legal highs after a ‘public spaces protection order’ (PSPO) was voted in.

The PSPO wad voted in back in February but has finally come into effect today and bans activities that “have had a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality”.

Police in Lincoln can now confiscate legal highs and hit you with a fine if they feel you’re breaking the order.

The UKs First Ban On Legal Highs Kicks In Today Lincoln Castle view

Legal highs have been up for debate in the UK now for a couple of years since becoming more and more popular amongst young people.

And 500 types of legal high have already been completely banned. But by tweaking recipes, those making them have been able to get around said bans.

Two shops that sell legal highs in the city have now been closed down, and if the PSPO is a success, you will most likely see other cities adopting it.