They’re Celebrating White Appreciation Day in Colorado

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Theyre Celebrating White Appreciation Day in Colorado White Appreciation Day WEBNBC

A barbecue joint in the U.S has announced they will host a ‘White Appreciation Day’ next month.

The restaurant, called Rubbin’ Buttz (no, really) in Milliken, Colorado, said that on June 11 white customers will receive a 10 percent discount, officially taking white privilege to the next level.

Perhaps the strangest part of this story is that the owner of the establishment isn’t actually white, he’s Hispanic.

The owner in question, Edgar Antillon, did an interview with NBC’s KUSA in which he defended the event.

Antillon said:

We have a whole month for black history month. We have a whole month for Hispanic heritage month so we figured all we could do — the least we can do — is to offer one day to appreciate white Americans.

We’re all American, plain and simple, whether you come from a different country or you were born here.

Unsurprisingly, the BBQ joint’s plans have caused something of a stir and fired up some tempers on social media. What’s your take on the controversial event?


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