Thieves Break Into Cookie Factory And Take £12,000 Worth Of Biscuits

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Putting cash aside, what would you steal if you could take anything in the world?

For me, it would be food. Or more specifically cookies, so you can imagine my reaction when hearing that £12,000 of cookies were stolen from a biscuit factory in South Wales.

The cookies were taken from Burton’s Food Ltd in Cwmbran, Torfaen, with a truck being stolen, and despite said truck being recovered later from Cheshire – but was completely empty.

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A spokesman claimed:

Burton’s Biscuit Company can confirm that goods and a trailer were stolen from the Llantarnam factory during the early hours of Wednesday 17th June. This is an isolated incident and we’re currently working closely with South Wales Police in their on-going investigation of the theft.

The cookie monster lives on it seems.