‘Things To Leave In 2014’ Has Taken Twitter By Storm

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Things To Leave In 2014 Has Taken Twitter By Storm o SELFIE STICK facebook

We’ve seen a lot of stupid shit over the last 365 days, but now it’s time to put down that selfie stick, stop twerking and walk into 2015 with some dignity.

So we’ve taken some of the best tweets from the #ThingsToLeaveIn2014 hashtag to help you decide what you you’ll be getting rid of come this new era. Or not.

Inspirational Memes

Social media is jam-packed with these f*cking things. The worst part is it’s always the same people posting them. And a lot of them are shit, they don’t actually have a good meaning but they’re worded poetically and apparently that makes it inspirational. No.


Everyone is obsessed with Frozen and although I can’t comment on whether it’s any good or not, it came out in 2013. Surely we can move on to another Disney film by now?

This Look

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a girl in a Parka jacket and skinny jeans. But with the new year comes a new fashion and we’re hoping people will pick it up before too long. But that will probably be dreadful too.


This word has created a paradox where everyone says how much they hate it yet nearly everyone still uses it. Come on people, please, let it go. We don’t want ‘bae’ to go on for so long that we’re telling our kids what it meant. We just want to forget.

Selfie Sticks

They’ve not even been around that long but the vast majority of us hate them. You shouldn’t need an extra tool to help you take a selfie. I thought the whole point of them was to take a quick photo, not to wait for ages extending your selfie stick and setting a timer on your phone. No wonder South Korea banned them already.

The Ice Gem Trim

Lads it’s really time to get rid of these things. We’ll say no more.

Katie Hopkins

I don’t know what we need to do but I think we can all agree that something has to be done. Can we just launch her into space and let her float around for a bit?

I’m sure there’s plenty more. So leave your suggestions in the comment!