This 77-Year-Old Power-Lifting Granny Is Stronger Than You

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This 77 Year Old Power Lifting Granny Is Stronger Than You 2014 11 30 1635

You lift bro? Cool. Well this 77-year-old grandmother lifts more than you. Deal with it.

Your pigeon chest, Nike joggers and brand new Huaraches’s are no match for this 105-pound nan from New York, who is an inspiration for older people everywhere.

Willie Murphy is in such good shape that she won her division in the deadlift competition at the recent WNPF World Championships. Beast!

Not only that, but she was also awarded the “2014 Lifter of the Year” title by the World Natural Powerlifting Federation.

What a legend. Out of shape? What’s your excuse? (Admittedly, I am out of shape and have no excuse.)