This Awesome Teacher Created A Kanye West Themed Classroom

By : Alex Watt |


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It’s that time of year again. Students are back in class and one creative teacher has found a pretty unique way of getting round the mundanity of school life by turning his classroom into a shrine of sorts for Kanye West.

Fourth grade teacher Adrian Perez of McCabe Elementary School in California created the Yeezy-themed class, decking the entire room out in red and customised everything from the chairs to the pencil boxes in the style of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album artwork.

In addition, the bear mascot from Late Registration and College Dropout also features heavily, while group markers and subject folders have the simplistic design of Yeezus. Now that’s commitment to the Kanye cause!

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Speaking to Team Kanye Daily, Perez said:

I’m the biggest Kanye West fan! I felt my idea was innovative. I am sure no other elementary school teacher out there has a Kanye West themed classroom. I am proud that I was able to create a one of a kind classroom. Kanye has inspired me, and the result is my classroom. I want to be the Kanye West of teaching.

Little by little I just thought of ideas I could use for my classroom. Over the summer everything came together. I was able to use Kanye’s song/lyrics to come up with these ideas, and they were also school/classroom friendly.

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His idea includes sections like ‘Math Monsters’ (Maths), ‘I’m Amazing’ (Student of the Month), ‘Story of a Champion’ (Writing Wall), ‘Touch the Sky with ELA’ (English Language Arts), ‘Power Readers’ (Reading), ‘It’s Celebration’ (Birthdays), and ‘What Did I Learn All Day, All Day’ (Exit Slips). And the students in the photos on the wall donned some Kanye-style shutter shades for good measure. Obviously.

Sadly, parents and other teachers weren’t as fond of Perez’s Kanye classroom and, perhaps concerned that Perez would force his students to butcher Bohemian Rhapsody in their own unique ways, they bombarded the school with complaints.

No sense of fun those parents!

Check out some images of the incredible classroom (before it met its untimely end) below…

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It’s okay Perez, we’re sure you’ll come back stronger from this setback!


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