This Bloke Drove Himself To The Hospital With A Knife Stuck In His Head

By : Alex Bentley |


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I felt dead hard when I got fouled in footy and hurt my ankle, then carried on playing anyway because we didn’t have any centre backs on the bench. While that was pretty heroic, I feel slightly humbled by this guy.

Juacelo Nunes was at a party when he got into an argument with another man. So the other bloke went and got some of his mates, came back, and stuck a knife in Juacelo’s head. It’s about as simple as that.

The 30cm blade went straight through his mouth, into the side of his jaw and stuck in his head. Obviously. He also had slashes to his throat.

And after all that, he then DROVE HIMSELF to the hospital.

Juacelo said:

“I thought I would die and only came to believe when I saw what happened to me, because if someone told me I would not have believed it.”

What a badass.