This Councilman Forgets To Switch His Mic Off When He Goes To The Toilet – Everybody Hears Him

By : Alex BentleyTwitterLogo


Remember that scene in Naked Gun when Lt Frank Drebin goes for a wee and forgets to switch his mic off, so then everybody hears him pissing? Well, it happened for real.

It’s almost like a rip-off comedy sketch.

The Georgetown councilman excused himself and left the panel, while Rachael Jonrowe was left to speak about the important matter of drug-resistant diseases. Until you hear the councilman start to tinkle.

Jonrowe tries, and fails, to contain her laughter. Especialy when the toilet flushes.

The councilman returns to the panel, with no idea that everybody has just heard him, so he’s probably confused as to why his colleague is in hysterics.

Amazing. Leslie Nielson would be proud.

In case you haven’t seen the clip I mean, or even if you have and want to watch it again… Here you go.


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