This Dead Guy Came Back To Life At His Own Funeral

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This is the reason I want to be cremated. When I die, I want to be doubly certain that I’m not going to wake up in a box. This guy woke up just in time.

45-year-old Guo Liu from China was out with his friends when he collapsed. He had dropped his cigarette, and bent down to pick it up, but fell unconscious.

His friends thought that he was joking around at first, but quickly realised that he wasn’t breathing, so called an ambulance.

Doctors said that his chance of surviving was less than 5%.

He has been in hospital for 3 months when his wife received a call from the hospital to say that he had died.

At his funeral, he was about to be buried (obviously), until family and friends heard him making a noise, coughing and wheezing inside the coffin.

He was rushed back to hospital and placed in intensive care, where he is going to be closely observed.

A hospital spokesman said:

I have never seen anything like this before.

He will now be kept under constant observation until he recovers fully and we will then be able to assess just how bad the brain damage is.

It is likely that his speech, memories and mobility will be severely affected though.

It’s not often that you can consider being in intensive care as being lucky.