This Dog Literally Ate The Football Tickets

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This Dog Literally Ate The Football Tickets elsa 640x426

One dog is in deep trouble with his family after chewing his way through their Chelsea tickets.

Not only did Elsa the dog manage to eat the tickets, she picked some pretty big ones to chomp on, with the clash at Stamford Bridge against Manchester United on April the 18th her snack of choice.

The Edwards family, who spent over £200 on the tickets, are now hoping the Blues replace them in time for the game.

Dad Charlie claimed:

The whole family had been looking forward to getting tickets for the United game. We could not believe it when we saw what Elsa had done, the club does not automatically issue replacements so we hope they will believe our excuse that the dog ate them

Come on Roman, it’s not like you’ve not got the money to print out a few more bits of paper is it!