This Dog Takes Photos When It Gets Excited Via Heart Rate Monitor Camera

By : Alex Watt |


dog photographer WEB Nikon

Have you ever wondered what dogs would take photographs of if they could?

Well, wonder no more, as Nikon’s new “Heartography” camera system has enabled this canine to snap images of all the things he loves.

The camera is attached to a heart rate monitor and fastened around the dog’s neck. So, whenever the pup is excited about something and his heart rate rises, a POV photo is taken of what he’s looking at.

Grizzler was the first dog to give the new piece of equipment a whirl and, for the most part, this dog is all about food, other animals and flip flops.

Check out some of his images below:

dog photo 1Nikon
dog photo 2Nikon
dog photo 3Nikon
dog photo 4Nikon
dog photo 5Nikon
dog photo 6Nikon
dog photo 7Nikon
dog photo 8Nikon
dog photo 9Nikon


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