This Fella Got Caught Filming Up Women’s Skirts In TK Maxx

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This Fella Got Caught Filming Up Womens Skirts In TK Maxx tkmaxxTN

TK Maxx is one of those shops where you can find anything an everything. Cheap but almost decent trainers. A solid iron clown on a unicycle doorstop. 24 pack of Slazenger socks. A pervert that is filming up women’s skirts.

A 43 year old man has been cautioned after staff at the Arndale Centre branch of TK Maxx caught him filming up women’s skirts.

He was observed on CCTV before being apprehended and cautioned for voyeurism.

An anonymous eye witness said:

Staff recognised him and started watching him on CCTV. As soon as they saw him definitely filming women they came over and stopped him.

I think when they checked his phone they found a lot more videos on there, that he had apparently taken.

Police confirmed that there was a caution issued, and consider the case to be closed.


Manchester Evening News