This Girl Earns $10,000 Every Time She Posts A Snapchat

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This Girl Earns $10,000 Every Time She Posts A Snapchat snapchat art WEBCyrene Quiamco

So, it turns out that you can use Snapchat for a lot more than sending silly photos to your mates when you’re drunk.

Graphic designer and Snapchat artist Cyrene Quiamco has revealed she can earn up to $10,000 (£6,500) for sharing just one of her commissioned sketches on the picture and video-sharing app.

The 26-year-old, who goes by ‘Cyrene Q’ on Snapchat, is famed for her signature celebrity portraits (including Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Jonas), her sidekick ‘Ele’ whom she created, and Disney character collages.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, she said:

Sometimes one snap can be like $1,000, and some of them can range up to $10,000. I know I’m not the highest-paid Snapchat artist, but it’s significantly more money than any other freelance work I could be doing.

The artist works full-time as the creative lead in web design at Verizon and she has been approached by companies including Groupon, Disney and Burger King to provide branded snaps.

Following her huge Snapchat success, Cyrene launched community blog which gives fellow artists and storytellers a platform to share their Snapchats.

Cyrene also designs games, quizzes, and questions to engage her followers and she’s now been nominated for a Shorty Award this year, a gong which recognises the best in social media.

Just try not to think about how much money you’re not earning next time you send a hungover selfie of you crying and eating a burger…


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