This Guy Climbed On To The Roof Of The Houses Of Parliament And Had An Eight Hour Stand Off

By : Alex Bentley |


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Last night a guy wandered around on the roof of the Houses Of Parliament, sparking a security alert that included an eight hour stand off.

We’ve all had those Saturday nights, where nobody is up to much and you get so bored you could just climb on to the roof of a political building.

The guy is believed to be a 23 year old climate change activist, and has been arrested for criminal damage and trespassing, and is still in custody.

Yesterday, about 5000 protesters gathered outside of Parliament, but Scotland Yard have said that they don’t yet know if the guy who scaled the building is linked to the demonstration.


A spokesperson for the House of Commons said:

The incident is currently being investigated by police. We will wait and see the outcome of that before we proceed.

[Via Daily Star]