This Guy Fancied His Workmate – So He W*nked Into Her Coffee

By : Alex Bentley |



When we really like somebody, we might do some slightly strange things that might be a bit out of character. But how many of us have gone this far?!

Robert John Lind from Minnesota appeared in court recently, and pleaded guilty to ejaculating into his colleagues coffee, as well as over her work desk. On several occasions.

His reasoning is brilliant/creepy.

Robert fancied his co-worker, and thought that it would make her like him.


The woman said that she had an issue with her coffee not tasting right, and once caught Robert with his hands near his bits, apparently with a ‘deer in the headlights’ expression on his face.

She also found ‘a large amount of clear liquid on top of her desk’, which apparently her hair scrunchie managed to absorb most of. Lovely.

Robert Lind thought that her being exposed to his spunk would make her more attracted to him. Somehow. I have no idea what the logic is, but apparently, it doesn’t work.

There are probably better ways he could have gone about it. Talking to her and being nice, sending her flowers, paying her compliments. Anything, really, is better than jizzing in her Nescafe.

[Via Dude Comedy]