This Guy Is A KING On Snapchat, Some Of His ‘Snap Art’ Is Amazing

By : Sam Ridgway |



Snapchat.. The place where pretty much everyone on the f*cking entire planet has an account on.

Usually, you get the odd person that doesn’t have Twitter, or Instagram or even Facebook. But for some reason, everyone on the planet uses Snapchat. Everyone.

But dude’s like Evan Garber are alright. Because they’re using it properly. Some of his Snapchat art is the absolute tits!

Creepily stalk your favorite video game characters

Doodle favorite cartoon characters

Express how you really feel about mondays

Express your love for shark week

If crabs arent your think be a lobster

Most importantly bring that duck face to life

Revisit your favorite childhood cartoons

Spy on cookie monster

Usher in the letter of the day