This Guy Plans To Visit Every Country In The World Without Touching An Airplane

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This guy plans on visiting every country in the world without flying. He reckons that if he spends about a week in each country it’ll take him four years to complete. And as if he wasn’t cool enough already, his name is Torbjørn, which translates into Thor and Bear.

Originally from Denmark, Torbjørn Pedersen plans to visit all 203 countries that make up the world. The project is called “Once Upon A Saga” and started October 10th 2013 at 10:10am and he has already travelled to 64 countries.

Here’s a video of him describing the route he will take around the world:

He recently did an IAmA on Reddit where users can come forward and ask him anything.

My name is Torbjørn, which translates into Thor and Bear. I am travelling to every country in the World without stepping into an airplane, or returning to my home country. This journey has never been completed before and is estimated to take 4 years. The project is called “Once Upon A Saga”. Check out our recent video at

I have already travelled to 65 countries on this trip, and have had many adventures along the way. A few notable experiences include my North-Atlantic crossover (see here ).
Currently I am in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and after that I will make my way up through the remaining Caribbean islands, and then onto Africa. My motto for this journey is “A stranger is a friend you’ve never met before”, and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. This trip is mainly about people, cultures, life, breaking barriers, and adventure. A good example of this was my interview with my good friend Alex, in Reykjavik (see here: )

Due to the compelling nature of this project, I have been given the honor of traveling as goodwill ambassador for the Danish Red Cross. Which gives me an added purpose to my journey.

So far it has been a great adventure, and day after day, I feel increasingly confident that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do in life. I would love to share my experience with the Reddit community, and it’s a great opportunity to let as many people as possible know about this project.

Feel free to check out my website: Or like me on Facebook, instagram, and Twitter! /onceuponasaga
Torbjørn C. Pedersen (Thor) “A stranger is a friend you’ve never met before.”

This Guy Plans To Visit Every Country In The World Without Touching An Airplane torbjorn

Here are some of the best questions and answers:

Q: SuperDense:
How do you plan on traveling through countries such as Syria and North Korea?

A: onceuponasaga
Carefully! :)
The Red Cross Red Crescent may be able to supply me with some assistance regarding paperwork and safe travel routes for Syria. Regarding North Korea you can easily obtain a tourist visa although I prefer to get a more “authentic” view of the country.

Q: muj561:
Who’s paying for this?

A: onceuponasaga:
I’m on a $20/day budget which is sponsored by Ross Offshore and Ross Engineering.

Q: Narrator:
So you’re traveling the world on $7300 a year? That’s pretty awesome. How do you manage to do it?

A: onceuponasaga:
Yeah, it’s kind of crazy when you think about it. Public transportation is generally cheap travel throughout the world. I travel with a hammock and use it when possible but often sleep in cheap dorm rooms or couchsurf. I eat street food or cook cheap food at hostels. Often hostels have a free food shelf with leftover pasta, rice etc from other guests. It can be very hard work some times. But it is possible :)

Q: dunstonss:
How much time do you spend in each country? Do you try to visit all the major cities?

A: onceuponasaga:
With 203 countries on my list I try to average 7 days/country which amounts to about 4 years away from home. If I average 1 month/country then it would take more than 16 years.
Often I visit the Red Cross headquarters which mostly is in the capitol city. Also trains and busses will often take you to the largest cities so that’s a yes although I prefer a more quiet environment in most cases :)

For the full IAmA, click here.

He’s also taken to recording “The Eyes” of a country by taking a picture of a local person’s eyes, here’s a couple of recent ones:

THE EYES OF CHILE!! #eyes #chile #EyesOfTheWorld #everycountryintheworld #onceuponasaga

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THE EYES OF PARAGUAY!! #eyes #paraguay #EyesOfTheWorld #everycountryintheworld #onceuponasaga

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And he has a blog that you can read here. We’re not sure how he finds the time (and money) to keep the world so updated on his travels, but we’re glad he does.