This Guy Plays The System And Travels The World For Free In First Class

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This Guy Plays The System And Travels The World For Free In First Class 132

This is world traveller, Scott Keyes, and he’s managed to perfect the system of flying so much so that he doesn’t pay a single penny for his first class fights and service.

The savvy 28-year-old is a writer for Think Progress but is currently not working full time, so, on his next trip he’ll fly a whopping 20,000 miles on 21 different flights, stopping in 13 countries all while enjoying first class.

Not bad, ay? Especially when he won’t even pay a penny along the way – even for hotels.

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So how does he do it? Well, Scott uses one of his 25 credit cards – one of which is an American Express Platinum card with an annual fee of $450. But he managed to get it waived for the first year by taking advantage of an online deal.

This is something he’s good at. All the flights he books are usually as cheap as possible and booked with his massive pile of frequent flyer miles. He knows which websites to use and when to use them.

Along with frequent flyer miles, he also manages to rack up points and other member’s perks which allows him to book hotels and spend his days in first class lounges that contain free food, drinks and often a spa.

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Scott’s system is nothing to do with luck. It’s expert work that has taken him months – even years – to perfect. And it’s not going unnoticed.

After immense demand from both his family, friends and the public, he ended up writing the e-books How To Fly For Free and How To Find Cheap Flights.

US-Mexico border from 30,000 feet.

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And on his next monumental trip, he will rack up 136,500 frequent flyer miles, including a few small taxes for airport use.

Aside from those taxes, Keyes will be paying exactly $0 for his trip, including his hotel stays.

And it’s at this point where we say good luck, and hats off!

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