This Guy Wants You To Pay For His Quest For Love

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Nothing says romance quite like asking strangers for £1300 to take somebody out on a date. And this gentleman is doing just that.

Meet Tom. He works in a cocktail bar in Norwich, and is 26 years old. He describes himself as a ‘hopeless sarcastic romantic’. I’d go with the hopeless part, to be fair.

Here he is.

This Guy Wants You To Pay For His Quest For Love %name

Tom has set up an indiegogo page in order to help further his quest for love. So that means you can help pay for it.

There’s a popular theory, which states that on average it takes 13 dates to find love. A crazy optimist that I am, I would love to put this theory to the test.

Only he can’t afford 13 dates. Especially as he sees £100 a date as a fair average. That’s where we (you, not me) come in. Tom is asking for people to donate to his love crusade, and is offering up ‘rewards’, depending on the size of your offering.

This Guy Wants You To Pay For His Quest For Love %name
Here is Tom, looking a lot like how I feel writing this.

For a quid, Tom will send you a personal email of thanks. A fiver will secure updates from his journey… and who wouldn’t want to read them? A tenner gets you a signed photo of our hero. £100 guarantees you a date with Tom. Which is effectively you taking him out… surely? Anyway, why not spend £500 and he will take you on a date in London AND write you a poem. So that extra £400 you’re giving will get you a one off poem. Bargain. But if you REALLY want to flex your bank account, you could donate him a grand. If you do this he will ‘take you to Paris for the day, so that you can experience the city of love together’. What a sweetheart.

It’s not all speculation either. Tom has drawn up a scientific graph projecting how he see’s this quest panning out.

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So if you want to help Tom, feel free to go and fund him. The rewards are priceless, and who wouldn’t want to pay for a man to go on loads of dates because the job that he has doesn’t pay him enough for him to pay for them himself?

In fact, let’s see.

Good luck Tom. Sincerely.