This Guy’s List Of Summer 2015 Targets Is Seriously Ambitious

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summer141 This Guys List Of Summer 2015 Targets Is Seriously AmbitiousGothamist

Everyone has goals and ambitions, and some people find it helpful to write them down in a diary or on a piece of paper just so they can visualise them that little bit better – oh, and so you don’t forget them of course.


The problem comes when someone else sees the goals and then sticks them on social media or they end up going viral, with this one guy’s list doing exactly that.

The list was found by a Gothamist reader in the area of Columbus & 76th Street, and because of the rather outlandish and ambitious nature of the tasks, it went seriously viral.


summer152 This Guys List Of Summer 2015 Targets Is Seriously AmbitiousJourney for us

The entire list goes like this:

•pool hopping
•crash a wedding
•meet an athlete
•go on a tinder date
•hookup w/ someone in Europe
•get someone to pay for your food
•go to pool at soho house
•go on a rooftop / drink / smoke
•go out w/ wall street guys
•get as many free things as possible
•celebrity events (high profile)
•art gallery opening
•rooftop party in brooklyn
•party in hamptons
•throw a house party
•gay pride parade

The celeb events have to be high profile, just one free item isn’t good enough – not for this guy. He has high standards indeed. My list just consists of managing to get home after a night out and not falling asleep in my clothes.