This Indian Restaurant Is LITERALLY Serving ‘Poo Flavoured Curry’

By : Rebecca Knight |


UNILAD poo3Mirror

You know how a good curry can be the start of one boozy night or even help a hangover? Yeah, well no more.

That’s all down to Ken Shimizu, who is both a pornstar and the owner of one Indian restaurant, that sells ‘poop curry’ to actual people. Curry that tastes like poo.

It is made from green tea, coco powder and the bitter part of the gourd fruit – so doesn’t actually contain poo, because that would be going too far. Far too far.

UNILAD pooo8Mirror

It was apparently inspired by some of the ‘specialist’ scenes the pornstar has performed during his career, making it even creepier.

It even comes in a toilet inspired bowl. Seriously, what more could you ask for? (Bar a sick bag).