This Insane Jet Fighter Helmet Costs $400K Because ‘Murica

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This Insane Jet Fighter Helmet Costs $400K Because Murica usa 634x426

$400,000 is a lot of money – and while you can probably imagine spending it on a couple of cool cars or a house, you could also get an F-35 Lightning II – an aircraft that will be one of the most advanced in history.

Not only is the aircraft available in three different models, it also boasts a helmet that is one step away from something we would expect to see light-years from now. The helmet can boast being the most advanced piece of headgear the USA military has EVER designed and looks pretty cool to boot.

This Insane Jet Fighter Helmet Costs $400K Because Murica usa1

It uses six infrared cameras spread through the aircraft itself meaning it allows the wearer to actually see through the plane – and both detect and respond to pretty much any possible threat.

According to the Washington Post:

The helmet sees through the plane. Or rather it helps the pilot see through the plane. When the pilots look down, they don’t see the floor of the plane; they see the world below them. If the pilots look back, they see the sky behind them. Embedded in the skin of the aircraft are six cameras, and when the pilots move their heads to look in a particular direction, they are actually seeing through the corresponding camera, which sends an image to projectors inside the helmet that beam an image of the outside world on the helmet’s visor.

Which makes the visor not really a visor. It’s a screen that posts information the way some cars are now posting fuel and gas mileage on the windshield in what’s called a heads-up display. But beyond speed and altitude, F-35 pilots would see things such as the location of enemy aircraft or weapons on the ground.

When the helmet’s tuned correctly to the pilot’s eyes, you almost step into this other world where all this information comes in,” said Al Norman, an F-35 test pilot for Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor. “You can look through the jet’s eyeballs to see the world as the jet sees the world.

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