This Is An Actual Advert For A Haunted Doll

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A lot of people find clowns scary. And a lot of people are terrified of dolls. If you’re scared of both, this probably isn’t for you.

Haunted dolls have made a bit of a resurgence in movies recently, with the Annabelle doll probably being the most famous since Chucky. But watching them in a film is fine. You can’t actually buy a haunted doll, can you?

Well, apparently, yes. Yes you can. This ad on Craigslist is for a haunted clown doll.

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Vintage 70’S clowns 16″ tall great conditioning NOTE keep cross on clown to the left spiritual active keep with other clowns both clowns seem to be hand made Hobbies store kit or arts and craft project early 70’S had in my collection over 20 years serious buyers only pick up only obo text or call

It doesn’t say anything about who or what haunts this clown. I would definitely like to know what the deal is with it though, even if I don’t fancy it myself. I don’t believe in ghosts or possession… but I still couldn’t look at that every day.