Meet Turban Chino, One Of The Best Snapchatter’s We’ve Seen

By : Sam Ridgway |



Over the past year Snapchat has gone from being a photo and video sharing app to a photo and video sharing app full of people getting their creative on.

Some of the Snapchat art we’ve seen lately has been amazing, and the standards have been raising all year. But the following guy is definitely one of the best we’ve seen.

Meet turbanchinosnaps, the guy who takes Snapchat art to the next level. This is Part 1 of his personal favourites..

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tumblr nfjb9heIF31trsgi9o3 1280

tumblr nfjb9heIF31trsgi9o4 1280

tumblr nfjb9heIF31trsgi9o5 1280

tumblr nfjb9heIF31trsgi9o6 1280

tumblr nfjb9heIF31trsgi9o7 1280

tumblr nfjb9heIF31trsgi9o8 1280

tumblr nfjb9heIF31trsgi9o9 1280

Make sure you follow turbanchinosnaps on Snapchat to enjoy his largely pointless but extremely entertaining hobby.