This Is Why We Cry And It’s Not Just Because We’re Sad

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Crying is a normal thing that everyone does from time to time but did you know that there are different types of tears? 


Having a bawl actually serves several functions all of which are surprisingly important and according to The Mirror may even be life saving.

In fact there are three types of tears, the first are ’emotional tears’ (the type you cry when an animal dies in a film) and are caused by the brain’s lymbic system and hypothalamus processing intense emotion.

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Like paracetamol, these ’emotional tears’ act as a pain killer, because they contain the stress hormone ACTH, which explains why having a good old cry can actually feel good.


Luckily for us emotional tears also serve as a distress signal to other humans that we’re in pain and need help, which is pretty handy.

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Important as emotional tears are the second type, ‘basal tears’ which play a super important role in keeping our eyes healthy. These tears are made by the lacrimal gland which both produces and drains our tears while helping keep the cornea lubricated.


Now for the final type, ‘reflex tears’ which are caused when we get smoke or another irritants in our eyes, causing the brain to try and ‘lubricate’ the eye by making it water.

Great now, I’m off for a good cry…


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