This Lad Has A Genius Way To Pay His Bail

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This Lad Has A Genius Way To Pay His Bail nike air max one premium canyon gold 1 e1420496378476

I do love me a good pair of trainers. But not as much as this judge in Massachusetts must do.

Jason Duval was charged in 2012 for drug possession, and hasn’t since paid the fines he was given. And as a result of this he ended up back in court. When asked to put up the money, Jason said that he couldn’t afford to, as he was going through a divorce.

At this point, the judge said:

I’ll give you a chance to be creative. If you can come up with a creative idea to convince me that you’ll come back, I’ll work with you.

Jason then thought up the best idea that he could, and offered the judge his brand new Nike trainers.

Unbelievably, the judge took them.

He still has to do community service though, and pay a further $100 of fines in installments, but after that, he will get his Nike’s back.

Fair play, I suppose?

[Via Bro Bible]