This Lad Made A Deep Sea Documentary – In GTA

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This Lad Made A Deep Sea Documentary   In GTA GTA web thumb

Ever wanted to watch a nature documentary about the oceans of GTA V? Neither did we, it’s not even something we thought would happen, but we’re glad it did.

In true David Attenborough style, this lad has done a documentary on the seas surrounding Los Santos and Blaine County, it’s called “Into The Deep.”

It is oddly entertaining to watch someone drive the submarine and do some 1st person POV diving whilst narrating in a posh voice. You even get to see some of the Killer Wales that Rockstar have added to the game since its original release.

Unfortunately none of them try shagging the submarine.

The YouTubers included this disclaimer in the video description, gave us a bit of a laugh:

Some people have been saying our wildlife documentary isn’t totally accurate – of course it isn’t. We’re not professional wildlife researchers, we’re idiots who play computer games. Enjoy!