This Lad Tried To Sterilise His Protein Shake Flask But Burned His Face Instead

By : Alex Bentley |



A lot of us use protein shake flasks, so here is a lesson. Be careful when they’re full of boiling hot water. That, and don’t let this lad sterilise yours for you.

Dion Chilton, 19, poured boiling hot water straight from the kettle into his flask, in order to sterilise it. But the steam caused the lid the thing to explode in his face.

The maths student was found lying on the kitchen floor in agony by his older brother Brendan, who phone for an ambulance.


Dion said:

I poured water from the kettle in a small flask, put the lid on and where the water was boiling and there was too much steam it just exploded in my face.

All my skin started peeling off my face.

I could only see black and I was panicking that I had lost my eyesight.

I suppose my warning is just to not let me sterilise your flasks.


Thankfully, Dion won’t be losing his sight or suffering any permanent damage or scarring from the incident.

If you are planning on sterilising anything any time soon, please be careful and don’t burn your face.


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