This Lad Wants To Crowdfund €1.6 Billion To Bail Out Greece

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Greece is in dire straits right now with mere hours until a deadline to repay €1.6 billion (£1.1bn) to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

However, one guy from Yorkshire, UK, has come up with an interesting solution to the nation’s financial crisis.


29-year-old Thom Feeney has set up a crowdfunding page on IndieGoGo where he hopes to raise the €1.6bn to help bail out the country, saying he is sick of “dithering” politicians (aren’t we all?).

His idea is pretty simple with the kind-hearted message of “by the people, for the people”. Feeney’s reasoning is that there are 503 million people in the EU, so therefore everyone would only need to chip in about €3 each to raise the staggering final total.


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Speaking to i100 and writing on his IndieGogo page, Feeney said:

My opinion is that we need to invest for something to grow, whether that be a person, a company or a nation like Greece. There seems to have been an effort by many media outlets to tell us that cutting, depriving, austerity is necessary for growth and that doesn’t really tally with me.

I hope very much that the campaign will reach the target. I think it will be a victory for people power. Yes it’s a tall order but I truly believe it can be effective.

More than 2,000 people have donated money since the page was set up yesterday.


It’s an ambitious effort and it’ll be a tall order to raise such a large amount of cash, but stranger things have happened.

You can donate to the Greek bailout fund on IndieGoGo here.