This Man Is About To Lose $7 BILLION In Divorce With His Wife

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Russia’s richest man could soon have to pay out a whopping $7 billion in one of the largest divorce settlements in history.

Vladamir Potanin could lose half of his massive $15 billion fortune to his ex-wife, if she gets her way.


The billionaire was married to Natalie Pontanina for 30 years and, although he offered to settle up, she says what’s rightfully hers is exactly half of Potanin’s earnings.

Unfortunately for this guy, under Russian law, wealth acquired during a marriage must be divided equally upon divorce.


CNN Money explained:

Natalia claims Potanin’s real wealth is held in offshore companies, and she’s launched an international legal battle to get hold of it.


Potanin’s lawyer added that the current settlement Potanin worked out with his ex-missus should be more than enough, but her claims will be heard in court on July 1.

And you thought your break-up was bad!


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