This Man’s Facebook Status About ‘British Emigration’ Has Gone Viral

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UNILAD 331 This Mans Facebook Status About British Emigration Has Gone Viral

A Facebook status is currently going viral on social media after one man’s rant about British immigration caught the attention of, well, pretty much everyone.


Emlyn Pearce, 33, is a South African writer currently working and living in London, and he has a lot to say on the current refugee issues dominating the British media.

So much so, that said status has now been shared 17,000 times. A number that is quickly rising.


UNILAD Screen Shot 2015 09 08 at 16.16.032 This Mans Facebook Status About British Emigration Has Gone ViralEmlyn Pearce on Facebook

The status has caught the attention of so many people, in fact, that he is receiving a torrent of abuse from people. But he has this to say to a specific set of them:

“To all of you really hench army guys sending me hate mail for writing this: I am gay, and I will furiously pleasure myself to your profile picture. Just so you know.”

UNILAD kos greece island refugees migrants8 This Mans Facebook Status About British Emigration Has Gone ViralRefugees packed on to a dinghy celebrate as they land on the Greek island of Kos

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Pearce said that the current migrant crisis in Europe, along with his South African heritage, inspired his post: “I thought it was time to remind people that this migration thing goes both ways.”


“I thought what I was saying was pretty obvious, and that my brothers might click ‘like’ as a show of support. Last time I got more than one share was for a bean salad recipe, and that was shared twice (once in error).”