This Medium Took A Photo Of The Real Slender Man

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This Medium Took A Photo Of The Real Slender Man Christine Hamlett

Slenderman has been caught on camera… apparently.

This could be the proof that the Slender Man exists, and is actually over here in the UK. Or it could not.

Christine Hamlett was in the woods in Staffordshire looking for other ghosts (yes really, she’s a medium), when she took this photo of the fictional character. Look… you can see him. She’s even circled him for you.

What do you mean you can’t see it? It’s such a clear photograph!

Nope, I can’t see shit either. Like, I can’t even make out what the hell I’m even supposed to be looking at.

This Medium Took A Photo Of The Real Slender Man Slender Men

Anyway, here is what Christine said about it:

It kind of looks like the top half of Slender Man like his shoulders and head, with the bottom half covered by bushes.

I couldn’t believe it. It could well be him.

It’s really exciting that this could actually be a picture of him caught on camera and the only one so far.

Slender Man has been in folklore for ages. Dressed in his black suit, this gangly nuisance has been spotted all over the world for centuries.

And to top it off, here is an exciting video explaining who he is.

So, if you go down in the woods today, be wary of non-existent baddies, and make sure that if you take a photo, it’s black and white and proper grainy.