This Model Had To Cover Up Her Ian Watkins Tattoo

By : Alex Bentley |



Loads of people get tattoos covered up. There have been some TERRIBLE decisions made by people in tattoo studios. Trust me, I used to work in one.

Some people get a name covered up because they split up with their partner, some people get the shitty tribal thing they had done in Magaluf covered because it’s so awful, and some people get song lyrics covered up because it turns out they were sung by a ruthless paedophile.

Ellia Beasley is a 22-year-old model that has a lot of tattoos, including ‘Scream your heart out’ in big lettering across her stomach, which is a lyric from the Lostprophets song Rooftops.


Three months after she got the tattoo, Ian Watkins, the lead singer of Lostprophets, got arrested for several sexual offences. Grim.

The thing is, she wasn’t even a big fan of the band, she got the tattoo because the words ‘spoke to her’. As usual.

Speaking to ‘Tattoo Disasters’ TV show, she said:

Sometimes you do just need to have a little scream and everything is better. When I heard about Ian Watkins I was just disgusted. It was just wrong.

He completely abused his power of someone famous, so I was ashamed that I actually have something of his on my body that was stuck there. I just wanted to hide it.

Ellia spoke to several artists that said they couldn’t cover it up, before she met Kevin Paul, who has tattooed both Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles. And he designed a massive owl to cover over the font.


The cover-up took 10 hours, and can be seen when the show airs on Spike TV later tonight.