This New App Is Designed To Convince People That You’re In A Relationship

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This app will help you convince the world that you are in a relationship. Obviously only until people question why you’ve never taken them to a party or social gathering.

Two apps, The Invisible Boyfriend, and The Invisible Girlfriend, are now in BETA and cost a one off price of $24.99. They do pretty much what it says on the tin. You have a significant other… that you can’t see.

Your ‘partner’ will send you texts, leave you voicemails, even a handwritten note, and somewhat amazingly, appear in photos with you.

‘How?’ you ask? Me too.

Apparently there is a team dedicated to being your other half. You create a profile, including private details, and you can pick what they look like from the available people’s pictures, and the team do the rest. They text you, photoshop images of you together, call you and leave voicemails. Everything a non-existent partner should do.

Want something to complain to your mates about? No problem. Your fake other half will send you texts checking in on you, and reply to you accordingly.

This New App Is Designed To Convince People That Youre In A Relationship Invisible man

The app also claims it helps if you have a ‘class 3 clinger’, and want to prove that you’re no longer single.

You can submit to the app, and send pictures of yourself, to be somebody else’s match. You tell them where you are, so that they don’t match you up with anybody nearby. Although that could be a very funny situation to put somebody in… if you’re kind of cruel.

I’m kind of tempted by the idea of it, just to see what lengths the app team will go to. I want to send horrendous photos, start funny arguments, and pester them to sext and send nudes… like I do with my actual real-life girlfriend.

This app sounds a bit weird. But it’s only cheap, if you compare it to how much you might spend on having an actual proper human girlfriend or boyfriend, and it may give you comfort if you’re lonely, or at least make some of your mates stop teasing you for being an unlovable mess.