This Photo Is Proof Of Man On Mars, Apparently

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This Photo Is Proof Of Man On Mars, Apparently man mars

Is this photographic proof of man on Mars? Probably not, but it did interest me.

There are conspiracy theories questioning everything these days. Was 9/11 an inside job? Is the illuminati real? Is Bigfoot walking around? Is the Queen really a lizard?

But this isn’t much of a conspiracy theory. Yet. But it is very likely to end up that way.

UFO Sightings Daily posted this photo, asking the question… Is there a man on Mars, and is he fixing the Mars Rover?

To be fair, it really does look like someone in a space suit. Like somebody with oxygen tanks on their back. But it also looks like you can see their hair. Which is kind of weird.

UFO Sightings gave three potential explanations:

1st – Is this proof that the rover is on Earth and not Mars and humans are cleaning it off and performing maintenance?

2nd – Is this proof that humans are living on Mars in abandoned alien bases? (i.e. Hacker Gary Mckinnon said he found such evidence on US govt computers).

3rd – Is this proof that aliens are messing with the rovers?

My thinking is that it’s probably just a funny looking shadow. If there was a man there, why would he have not been caught on camera properly by now? Which is usually the argument with all conspiracy theories. Also, why would NASA and the government cover up something like that?

I think I need to watch some 80’s blockbusters for hidden messages. Like this completely believable and rational explanation on how Back To The Future was a warning about 9/11.

I love conspiracy theories.