This Playboy Bunny Makes A Killing On The Stock Exchange

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playmate web This Playboy Bunny Makes A Killing On The Stock ExchangeTwitter

People say that you can’t have both brains and beauty but Playboy Playmate Kennedy Summers seems to be the exception to that rule, having been crowned the Playmate of the Year for 2014, and also being the subject of a Business Insider profile because of her hobby trading on the stock market.

To call it a hobby would be unfair, with the 28 year old making good money from her part time job trading, all the while making sure her modelling career is still going strong.

Kennedy’s grandfather was a banker, but she still models full time, using her stock market money to supplement her modelling income, and gets up at 5am to fit everything in, working out with her personal trainer, and claims that on a good day working the market, she can make $600 but can also lose more than $1,000, claiming that every loss makes her want to work harder.