This Poor Lad’s Ex And His Girlfriend Both Jump Into A River… To See Who He Would Save

By : Alex Bentley |



I’ve been out with some nutters. But not ‘throw themselves into a river to see if I’ll save them’ kind of nutters.

This story is silly on several levels.

21 year old Wu Hsia is the hunk at the centre of this incident. He left his girlfriend, Jun Tang, for his new woman, Rong Tsao. Nothing unusual so far.

The ex couldn’t accept that Wu had left, and began stalking him and being generally weird for a while, so eventually Wu gave in, and set up a meeting between the three of them. His girlfriend and his ex. The daft plonker.

Unable to deal with her ex moving on like a normal human, Jun jumped into a nearby river, to show his new girlfriend that he would jump in after her to save her. When it looked like Wu was going to go in and save his ex, his current girlfriend, Rong, jumps in as well, shouting for him to forget his ex and to save her instead.


Which he did.

Wu dived in and saved Rong, taking her to the hospital,and leaving his ex in the water. He isn’t completely heartless, though. He called his brother and got him to save his ex, who in turn called the fire department.


That is all sorts of CRAZY.

I read about this story and tried to think about what would happen if it was me, and I know without doubt that if my ex jumped into a river in front of me and my girlfriend… The missus definitely wouldn’t jump in as well, but would definitely laugh at her, and probably film her floating away on her phone.

And that is why I’m with her.

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