This Poundstretcher Pair Gamble All Their Shop’s Takings, And Lose

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I do love a trip to the casino, and I am partial to a little flutter on roulette. There’s nothing wrong with it. Unless it’s not your money… it’s your works.

Two plonkers from Poundstretchers in Sunderland had been left in charge of the store, and decided not to bank their £3,380 daily takings, but instead went to the casino.

Kieron Trott, 19, and Christopher Cameron, 48, apparently wanted to know what ‘gambling on red’ felt like, so they swapped the cash for chips, and hit the roulette table.

Cameron’s defence lawyer said:

Part of the routine is to check the cash that has been taken that day.

They are joking saying what would it be like if we took this money and gambled it. Unbelievably, they persuaded themselves to do this.

They were seen transferring the cash into chips then go to the table saying ‘Red?’ and ‘Yes’. Lo and behold it came up on black.

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After spunking the money, they phoned the store manager, telling her what they had done. When she thought it was a joke, Kieron said:

I’m not joking, call the police.

The pair of morons lost their jobs, unsurprisingly, and are now repaying the money, as well as fines and court costs, and serving community service orders.

Pounds do stretch, just not THAT far, it seems.