This Smart Ring Would Change The World – If Only It Worked

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This Smart Ring Would Change The World   If Only It Worked ring web thumb

This ring would completely change your life by allowing you to control everything you own. Well, if it worked that is.

Ring, by Logbar is meant to “short cut everything,” but it doesn’t work. We’re not talking about a few minor glitches, it completely doesn’t work, which is a big problem for any product, obviously.

The idea of the ring was to enable users to use gestures to control their lives. For example you can turn the lights off with it, send a text, or adjust your music volume.

The product was funded on Kickstarter where Logbar CEO, Takura Yoshida asked for a cool $250k (£160k). The project managed to raise $880,998 (£563k), that’s more than 300% of what was asked for. But despite raising nearly $1 million, the product itself is shit. Oh and did we mention it costs $269.99 (£171).

This made one man very angry, so angry in fact that he put together a video review that compares what was promised and what it really is. It’s pretty poor really.

It looks fucking ugly as well.

But we’re pretty pissed off as well and we didn’t even lose any money. The video by Logbar made Ring look amazing.

Never investing on Kickstarter again.